We are changing our name from MRG Wines to Oddbird. This change gives us the ability to gather all our products under one brand and in turn make it easier for us to broaden our portfolio. We will be progressively updating our current labels for the Scandinavian markets and will be offering the new Oddbird labels to international markets. Our current products will have the same quality and taste as before. All our new products will be created with same traditional methods, maturing process and patented dealcoholization method as our current wines.

Liberated from alcohol using a unique method that preserves the wine’s flavor just as nature intended.
My strive is to design a new behavior in society, that is inclusive of everyone. Making wines liberated from alcohol into something refined, rather than a compromise, we can change the outdated alcohol culture.

- Moa Gürbüzer, Founder and CEO Oddbird with over 20 years of experience as a social worker and family therapist.